CEO: Cobus van Zyl

I maximise shareholder value through:

  • Corporate finance and funding solutions, capital structuring
  • B-BBEE deals, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Negotiations of Contracts and Claims
  • CFO, CEO and CTO duties.


I have spent 25 years as a senior financial professional in countries like Angola, Egypt, Libya, Mozambique and South Africa. This is where I have learned to consistently perform, even when faced with adverse circumstances and unbearable conditions.

My dad always said:  Good excuse plus poor performance does not equal good performance.

I can only win if you win, that is my Why. 

I have utilized my Chartered Management Accountant and MBA qualifications mainly in the Manufacturing-, Construction- and Oil and Gas Services industries – my areas of expertise. 

As an activator I am there to do, to help, to make others succeed. My extensive experience will allow us to identify the pressure points / pain points / growth points in your business.