What does Pegada mean?

Noun. pegada f (plural pegadas) footprint (impression of the foot) (colloquial, uncountable) confidence, boldness, seen as attractive qualities.

We have realised that each of us only have two feet, and we want to leave a whole lot of footprints in this life, then we need to get other people to dance with us.  Pegada is the almost non-profit division of Tharollo ea Metsi (Pty) Ltd – a consulting firm mostly in the water and environmental space. 

What does “almost” non-profit mean?  It means that our focus is not on making money at all, but to give back to the community, the country and the environment – to say thank you for the multiple Blessings that we experience every day.  It also means that we are not going to say no to money earned by adding value.  Most of what we do are pro bono until two things happen:  The value that we add is so obvious that people would rather pay than losing us to the next cause and second, the business can afford to pay.  This makes us sustainable and keep the Pegada offerings available to existing as well as new recipients. 


What are our offerings?

We are a small number of experts in different fields, guys and gals that have been around the block a few times and understand business, money and success.  We are offering that expertise, as well as access to our network, to small and medium businesses that we deem are worthy of our efforts.  This will include Strategic, Marketing, Financial, Compliance, Legal, Management and Human Resource (Talent Management) support – available up to the same standard and level than experienced in a listed company.

On our website we do run a blog with articles and advice that should initiate disruptive thought processes and present a more detailed idea of who and what we are as well as our beliefs.  Please feel free to comment, ask and share as we can only grow by interaction with each other.