Chartered Management AccountANTS

Management accountants are seen as the “value-creators” amongst the accountants.

We focus on forward-looking and decision making that will affect the future of the organisation, rather than the historical recording and compliance (score keeping) aspects of the accounting profession.

We provide information for management to make informed, rational decisions.

Traditionally Management Accountants were employees of one organisation, now it is possible to have the same functionality from a professional where you  pay only for the impact delivered.

Our Offering

Our clients are in the construction-, manufacturing-, project- or technical services industries.

If you need additional information for proper informed decisions, then we are the team for you.

Inadequate or incorrect information can lead to poor decisions that can affect the sustainability and/or profitability of the organisation – you deserve accurate, timely, and relevant information for your decisions.

Proper information dispels perceptions – there is much less stress and fear in a situation where you understand the risks and they are quantified.

We add the most value if you:

are a small to medium organisation with / without a book keeper and accountant and without high level financial analysis and scenario building capabilities

or, if you

are a large organistation with all the capabilities but with a resource restraint that could do with some help that will hit the ground running.


BENEFITS of contracting with Us:

We will always act fully committed and as part of your team – you must win for us to win.

We listen.

Our experience in Africa confirmed our belief that poor performance plus good excuse does not equal good performance.  

We interpret complex financial data into reliable, accurate, relevant information with a view to the future.

We identify financial issues, risks and opportunities – well in time for you to act upon them.

We empower you to negotiate with a full compliment of information, strategy and out of the box options.

Have anytime access to a seasoned Chief Financial Officer, HR Director and Compliance Director.

Let us provide you with a wingman

“The Wingman’s role is to support by making a flight both safer and more capable: amplifying situational awareness, increasing firepower and allowing more dynamic tactics.”

We will ask questions like: “What must happen for this plan to succeed?”;  and “Can we have reduced risk with the same outcome?”  “What must be true for this to work”.

We will contribute to a sense of discipline to the creative process without adding barriers and stops – We will be problem solvers, not just problem identifiers.

Let us call you back